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    Contact JEF at 926-6762 for access.

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Event Planning can be time consuming and can divert internal people resources from other critical tasks they must undertake. JEF has the solution for that dilemma. JEF has the solution for that dilemma.

What are the events with which we can assist you?

  • Cocktail Party/Dinner/Luncheon/Breakfast
  • Launching of a Company/Product/Service
  • Press Briefing/Conference
  • Awards Ceremony
  • Public Forum
  • Office/Staff Retreat
  • Convention/Conferences

Available support from JEF

The suite of services we provide to ensure effective management of your event comprises:

Logistics Coordination

  • Identification of venue
  • Selection of Décor elements
  • Coordination of food and beverage arrangement
  • Design and printing invitation and programmes
  • Development of invitation lists and arranging dispatch of invitations and monitoring RSVPs

Training and Briefing of Personnel

  • Ushers
  • Liaison Aides
  • Principal Event Host
  • Venue personnel

Guiding Protocol Arrangements

  • Correct address and order of recognition of dignitaries, etc.
  • Correct seating of guests
  • Reception Line to greet Guest Speaker and other guest
  • Preambles


Because we stay in very close contact with you and know your business and your objectives intimately, we can:

  • Guarantee that your event will be organized at a highly professional standard
  • Customize the event to suit your particular needs and help you meet your goal
  • Make your event a truly memorable and successful one