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The Jamaica Employers’ Federation (JEF) was established in April 1958 and registered as a Trade Union to represent employers.  The Federation’s mission is to lead the development of an enabling business environment through the effective representation and provision of value-added services that strengthens the ability of employers to optimise competitiveness and workplace harmony.

The full slate of regional and global organizations on which JEF represents Jamaican employers encompasses: The International Labour Organization (ILO), The Caribbean Employers’ Confederation (CEC) and the International Organization of Employers (IOE).  The Federation has, over the years, assisted in transforming the Jamaican labour market and continues to vehemently lobby for labour market reform, especially in the face of globalization.  JEF currently makes our services available to interests in the following sectors and/or groups: commerce, community & social services, construction, transport, manufacturing, hospitality & tourism, students, telecommunications, wholesale & retail, NGO’s, individuals, finance, mining & quarrying etc.

JEF’s membership spans the spectrum of private enterprise activities to the corridors of big business and quasi government organizations.  The Federation has continuously equipped its members (and non-members) with accurate and well-researched information that is used by the employer to develop his Strategic Plan and also to make informed decisions.  The Federation has, and continues to provide this valued information through its Annual Convention, Members Forum/Symposia, Workshops/Seminars and Publications.


As a representative organization of employers' in Jamaica, the Federation has been fortunate to have the sterling contribution of a number of officers and members through its 50 years of its existence.  The first President was Mr. Douglas Judah, a noted lawyer.  He was succeeded by Mr. Hubert Arnold, Managing Director of Hardware and Lumber, Mr. Leslie Ashenheim, legal luminary, Mr. Paul Bovell, Attorney; Mr. Sidney Chambers, Mr. Emil George, Attorney; Dr. George Phillip, Mr. Edward Ashenheim, Attorney, Mr. Sam Tyson, Mr. Carl Roberts, Dr. Neville Ying and Mr. Herbert Lewis, Mrs. M. Audrey Hinchcliffe and Mr. Wayne Chen.  The Executive Directors have been Mr. Deryck Stone, Mr. Sidney Chambers, Major Eric Grell, Mr. S. George Kirkaldy, Ms. Hazel Gibbon, Mr. Neville Royes. The Chief Executive Officers have also been Mrs. Jacqueline Coke-Lloyd, Mr. Leroy Brown (Acting). Mrs. Brenda Cuthbert now serves as the current Chief Executive Officer.