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Why Become a Member PDF 

JEF representation is focused extensively on the needs of the business and their competitiveness. Membership therefore requires a significant financial and time commitment. Let’s outline for you precisely what your return on that investment will be:

  1. Increase in Profits

    JEF offers you models, tools, tactics and action opportunities to improve you business performance.
  2. Competitive Repositioning

    JEF gives you the understanding and vision to identify opportunities and develop strategies that transform your corporation into a more competitive enterprise.
  3. Attract and Retain top Employees

    By embracing JEF’s “triple bottom line” for environmental, social and economic success, your enterprise offers the values and vision that attract and motivate great people.
  4. Techniques for Corporate Culture Change

    A unique element of JEF training is the emphasis on personal values development, employee enrolment and techniques for transformative corporate learning. These skills can spell the difference between success and failure, and JEF is an expert at putting these tools together at your fingertips.
  5. Serious Networking

    Your fellow employers come from all sectors of business in Jamaica, across the Caribbean and the World. JEF offers you an unparalleled opportunity to meet and work with like minded Business Owners, Executives and Managers who are at the forefront of commerce.