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As a repository of information, the Jamaica Employers’ Federation supports capacity building. JEF is also of the view that businesses in their embryonic stage, must be nourished in order to foster survival and growth, hence the constant review and revision of the Employers’ Handbook.

The main goal of the Employers’ Handbook is to provide employers with current, accurate and necessary information, which they can use to enhance efficiency and increase productivity in their organization. If employers can increase productivity in their organizations, then the national economy will be steered on a path of sustainable growth. When Jamaican firms achieve global competitiveness it is only logical that sustainable GDP growth will occur, which will better equip the country to tackle its social problems. It is hoped that employers will find the information useful and will also seek to carefully examine their current policies and procedures, with a view to effecting change and implementing improvements that will heighten their organization’s productivity levels and global competitiveness.

The book begins with the issue of Entrepreneurship Development. This area is of great importance to new and potential entrepreneurs within the Jamaican marketplace. Employers will also find the book to be a valuable source of information. The Employers’ Handbook provides the technical “hands-on” to enable companies to identify and hone their competitive advantage. In order to survive, organizations must move at the same pace that the world economy is moving in, as it relates to “Technological Advancement”. The Handbook also addresses the strategy of using technology as a mechanism to gain this competitive advantage.

Other areas covered include Corporate Social Responsibility, Performance-based Pay, CSME, Manpower Planning, Disciplinary and Grievance Procedures, Social Issues in the Workplace, Statutory Obligations, Termination of Employment and Occupational Health, Safety and Welfare.

Employers Handbook Prices: $5,000.00 plus GCT (Member’s Rate); $ 5,700.00 plus GCT (Non-Member’s Rate)


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The Labour Laws of Jamaica outline the lawful obligations, rules and regulations governing the activities emanating from interactions between the players, or groups of players within the Industrial Relations arena. These players include Government, Trade Unions, Employers’ Organizations, Professional Institutions and any other Stakeholder legitimately involved in workplace relations.

As the name suggests, this booklet is a summary of the labour laws, and highlights the essential applications for the “lay-Person. Areas covered include: Holidays with Pay, The Labour Relations & Industrial Disputes Act, The National Minimum Wage Order, Maternity and Sick Leave, Employment, Termination and Redundancy Payments Act.

It is not intended to be a substitute for the gazetted texts and publications.

Summary of Labour Laws Prices: $1030.04 plus GCT (Member & Non-Member Rate)