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Employer of Choice


An Employer of Choice is a term used to designate a company that, because of its status and reputation is always the first choice or at least on the short list of world class candidates. These organizations are always highly rated in product service delivery and corporate profile, primarily because of the competitive advantage created by their superior staff, management and operational processes.


One obvious advantage to the company is that it can easily attract the best-qualified and most talented candidates.



 What is the JEF Employer of Choice Award?


The Jamaica Employer’s Federation and the Mona School of Business collaborated and embarked on an “Employer of Choice initiative in 2003.


This initiative was being implemented in the context of an international business environment model in which the value added contributions of employees are critical for business enterprises to achieve the desired levels of productivity, profitability and competitive advantage.


The JEF/MSB conducted a survey in April 2003 with the objective of confirming what existing and potential employees look for in an “Employer of Choice”. From that exercise the first EOC Competition was designed to identify organizations operating in Jamaica which can be designated as “Employer of Choice”.


To be selected as an Award recipient, an organization must have in place, systems and procedures that ensure that these criteria are met. The process is not only aimed at identifying and selecting winners but more importantly to provide employers with diagnostic information which can be used as a platform to influence their strategic plans.